The Teen Diplomatic Envoy (培育新南向人才 外交小尖兵前進紐西蘭、印尼)
Ditangkap pelaku penipuan terhadap TKA, disertai penggunaan narkotika ( 假穆斯林真剝削 無良協會毒品控制外勞 )

Indonesia probe: Rudder control problem led to AirAsia crash (Taiwan News)
Sustaining growth a challenge for SE Asia countries (Taipei Times)
Indonesia and Malaysia create an OPEC-like council for palm oil (China Post)
Kepala BNN Sosialisasi Bahaya Narkoba ke TKI di Taipei
KDEI: Kenaikan Gaji Untuk TKI Kontrak Baru (Antara News)
KDEI Dorong IDN Berdayakan TKI di Taiwan (Antara News)
Indonesia Aims to Attract More Foreign Investment (China Post)
Indonesia Eyes More Investments from Taiwan (Taiwan News)
Ratusan Murid SD di Taipei Pelajari Angklung (Antara News)
12 Perusahaan Indonesia Ramaikan "Food Taipei 2015" (Antara News)
New Taipei City holds new immigrant cooking contest (Taiwan News)
Ratusan WNI Antusias Sambut Kehadiran Kartu As (Antara News)
KDEI Jajaki Kerja Sama Dengan Perusahaan Taiwan(Antara News) 
Reog Ponorogo Raih Piala Depnaker Taichung (Antara News)
Obama commends Indonesia for taking Rohingyas (Taiwan News)
More countries to be included on Indonesia’s visa waiver recipient list (Taiwan News)
Evergreen Marine to launch China-Indonesia services
 (Taiwan News)
Taiwan's Evergreen Marine to launch China-Indonesia services (Want China Times)
Yunlin NIA service center honors the best volunteer (Taiwan News)
Indonesia grants clemency to Papuan prisoners (China Post)
Indonesia and Singapore to improve maritime cooperation (Taiwan News)
900 migrants rescued off Indonesia as pressure grows (China Post)
Indonesia's inflation accelerates on fuel prices after oil prices rebound (China Post)
Foreign tourist arrivals to Indonesia reach 2.3 mil. in Q1 despite executions (China Post)
Indonesia defiant as UN blasts looming executions (China Post)
Indonesia, Taiwan team up on business council (Asia One)

Foreign law firms eye Indonesian market (China Post)
Indonesia releases anti-graft official (China Post)
Rupiah, peso, rupee lead Asia as ECB spurs yield hunt (Taipei Times) 
Divers try to reach suspected AirAsia wreck site (Taiwan News)
Indonesia pledges thorough investigation into AirAsia disaster as plane parts recovered (China Post)
Indonesia inflation jumps to 8.36% after fuel price increase (China Post)
Indonesia urged not to open fire on ROC fishing boats (China Post)
Indonesia vows to ramp up measures over illegal fishing (Taipei Times)
China's 'silk road' ambition tests maritime fulcrum for Indonesia (China Post)
Taiwan refuses to raise pay for Indonesian home helpers (Taiwan News) 
Indonesia's Widodo vows no pardons for death row inmates (China Post)
Don't rock the boat in Indonesia, sink it (China Post)
Widodo's health care reform must cover poor with HIV, protect youth (China Post)
Fuel price hike tests Widodo's poverty pledge (China Post)
Jakarta Governor crosses barriers (Taipei Times)Indonesia plans to prohibit export of female workers (Taipei Times)
Deputy labor minister downplays impact of Indonesia laborer cut off (China Post)

First ethnic Chinese takes office as Jakarta governor (Taiwan News)
Indonesian government raises fuel prices (Taiwan News)
Indonesia's Widodo seeks to fix economy with fuel price hike (China Post)
Earthquake in Indonesia sparks tsunami warning (Taipei Times)
Tsunami alert sparks panic in eastern Indonesia (China Post) Joko Widodo delivers a blunt message to ASEAN (China Post)


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